About Sherrie Suski

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From adtech companies to electronics suppliers to consulting firms, Sherrie Suski has spent two decades managing the HR of startup companies and producing exemplary employee-company alignment.

sherrie_suski_0011-compressorSherrie Suski earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of California – Irvine, and then completed her master’s program in organizational psychology at California State University – Long Beach. As she neared the end of her higher education she accepted an entry-level recruiting position at Smartflex Systems, a small semiconductor company. Over the next few years the company grew from about 50 employees to 2,500 employees located in five locations worldwide. Sherrie thrived off of the camaraderie that came with building the company from the ground up, and she fondly remembers how one of her main concerns was hiring fast enough to match the Smartflex’s incredible growth in business and revenue (over $200 million).

Sherrie truly took her practices to a global scale in the next phase of her career as an HR leader at U-Nav Microelectronics. She oversaw international hiring in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. In addition to recruiting she also focused more on company culture, revamping health insurance plans to offer more viable options and save money. She then worked at Axiom Microdevices, Inc., streamlining and improving compensation incentive plans and conducting company-wide personality assessments. Under her watchful leadership Axiom was acquired by Skyworks Solutions Inc. in 2009.

In addition to talent acquisition and management, Sherrie Suski has ample experience in coaching across all levels, from executive teams to entry-level employees. From 2009 to 2011 Sherrie worked at Imagine Communications, where she coached every tier of the organization and provided the direction they needed to thrive.

Sherrie Suski was also a Chief Administrative Officer and Vice President of Human Resources at BlueCava, a startup adtech firm focusing on cross-screen enablement. She remained with BlueCava from 2011 to 2015, staffing nearly 100% of the team as an integral creator and supporter of BlueCava’s exceptional workplace culture, from real-time employee performance management methods to overseeing marketing and funding opportunities.

Now, Sherrie serves as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Tricon American Homes (TAH), a property management firm managing over 17,000 properties across the United States.

With a busy family including two teenagers and five pets, Sherrie has a full plate, but she does enjoy entertaining, international travel, and watching football in her spare time.